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moderator: kakosangelus
founder: feannaro


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The Rules

1. All entries must be animated.
-This includes mini movies, framing, or even sparkles,
-It does NOT include, flashing borders, or teeny tiny flickery things in the corner or anything like that - you will be disqualified,
-if your unsure, rule querie posts are fine.

2. entries (url or html tag, not the file itself) must be emailed to buffy_motion@yahoo.co.uk , the entries must have your username and an indication of which contest its entered for in it's name, eg. "clara100_faith.ext" or "7feb_suzypoozy.ext" etc.

3. All entries must meet LJ size limits, it will be checked. I'll warn you obviously, but if it's not changed, i'll have to disqualify you. They also have to be .JPG .GIF or .PNG .

4. Swearing, and adult material is allowed unless it's completely tastless and pointless. But I'm not too fussy about this one. ^_~

5. Contests will open on Sundays, with the new subject and previous winners, they'll stay open until 8.00pm GMT, Friday, and Poll will be up Saturday or sooner. You will have approximatley 24 hours to vote.

6. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and a subject of my choice (e.g. most creative) winners will get a banner created by a skilled volenteer which they can display on journal userinfo or websites or wherever to show off how good they are.

7. No more than one entry per person is allowed in each subject.

8.Non contest related posts are not allowed unless its to do with pimpage (must be checked through by the moderator, feannaro) or rule querie posts.

9. from second contest onward: entries must not be posted elsewhere until the winners are anounced.

10. Anyone disobeying these rules continuosly will be banned from the community and anyone found copying and/or stealing other peoples work will be black listed on the community userinfo page



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I've probably forgotten a few because i am THE most forgetfull person in the world, so just tell me if there are any others i've missed out. ^_^


before i finish, just a reminder that this community is not for plain buffy fans, its about icon fans aswell, so please don't join and attempt to post random buffy-fanish posts because they will be deleted. thanks ^_^


The Black List:

none yet!!!